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Photo Genesis is a revolutionary new way to quickly, safely and comfortably improve your skin’s texture, tone and color and to remove redness, brown spots and sun damage. This technique, developed by Cutera, can be used anywhere on the body . With the Photo Genesis laser facial, gels and topical anesthetics are not needed. Signs of sun damage and age spots usually flake off after one or two treatments, leaving clearer, younger looking skin. In cases of very sun damaged skin, densely freckled areas or very large or dark sun spots, additional treatments may be needed.

Photo Genesis is a pulsed light system that emits wavelengths at a very comfortable energy level. The light that is used in the Photo Genesis treatment is selectively absorbed only by those areas that are pigmented or red. These areas are heated and are therapeutically affected by the laser. Problems such as rosacea and brown spots can be easily treated with no discomfort.

No topical anesthesia or gel needs to be applied, making this treatment tremendously convenient and time smart. No messy gels are necessary. The hand piece against the skin feels cool and comfortable. The actual laser pulse itself is a very mild and brief pinching sensation. A treatment takes only a few minutes.

Many patients will see significant improvement in their skin within two to three weeks of treatment. Your skin will appear clearer and younger looking and the best results will be seen after a month or more.

Immediately after the treatment, the spots may start to darken. There may be a slight reddening of the surrounding skin. This goes away after a couple of hours. Over the next 7-21 days, the darkened spots will start to fade and flake off. Any mottling of your complexion will disappear.

If you plan to spend time in the sun, it is very important to generously apply sunscreen to minimize the return of spots and excessive redness.

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