Brazilian Butt Lift FAQ’s

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Q. How big can Dr. Bond make my butt?

A. Within reason, Dr. Bond can add substantially to the size of your butt provided you have enough fat to harvest and move around. The pictures on the www.bondplasticsurgery website are good examples of this.

Q. Where does she take the fat from?

A. Dr. Bond usually harvests fat from the belly and waist, areas where a woman’s fat is most accessible. She also takes fat from the lower back to create a beautiful new line down to the new butt., and does liposuction to make some areas of the butt smaller to flow into the areas that are going to be larger. All of the fat can be used to increase and re-shape your butt.

Q. I have a “pouch” from having a baby. Can I use the fat from my “pouch”?

A. It depends. If the skin on your pouch is stretched and wrinkly, it will look even more wrinkled after harvesting the fat. If you want your belly to be flat as a board, you may need a Tummy Tuck to correct the problem.

Q. What does “harvest” mean?

A. Liposuction of areas to get the fat used to supplement the butt.

Q. Can it be done in the office?

A. Dr. Bond prefers to do her BBL’s in the hospital for 2 reasons:
1. Patient comfort. It is a 3 hour surgery done under general anesthesia. She wants you to be completely relaxed and pain free.
2. Sterile environment. When the fat cells are removed from the body, they must be kept in a completely sterile environment so that they do not contaminate and die. The Operating Room is the perfect sterile environment to keep the fat cells alive.

Q. I like the shape of my butt. Can I just get it lifted?

A. Yes. Dr. Bond can add fat to the upper part of your butt to create a fuller, “lifted” look, not wider, not much larger, just perkier like the butt you had when you were younger.

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