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Cancer or disease of the breast or sometimes requires removal of a portion or an entire breast for proper treatment. This can be an extremely difficult for the patient both emotionally and physically. Our patients often report that having a breast reconstruction procedure enables them to “feel whole again”.

The procedure enables the creation of a natural appearing breast. The type of reconstructive procedure chosen depends on the desires of the patient and her body shape. All of the procedures require several stages. The reconstruction may be performed immediately following the mastectomy or may be delayed until after the patient has healed and/ or recovered from additional cancer treatments.

The most common technique uses tissue expansion, a two-stage process in which an implant shaped silicone rubber balloon-like tissue expander is inserted under the skin and chest muscle. Saline is gradually injected into the tissue expander to fill it over a period of weeks or months. This process allows the skin on the chest to be stretched over the expander to create a breast mound, at which time a breast implant can be permanently placed, replacing the temporary expander.

Another very popular technique uses the abdominal tissue as a flap (known as the TRAM flap). The rectus abdominus muscle and a portion of lower abdominal skin are repositioned to the chest wall to reconstruct a breast mound. The muscle flap maintains its own blood supply and helps nourish the tissue that is transferred to the chest wall region. Flaps may also, in some cases, be taken from the back or buttock. An implant can be inserted under the mound to create additional projection. Dr. Sheila Bond will discuss, in great detail, the pros and cons of each procedure before making the final decision. Once the breast mound is created, the final procedure is the formation of the nipple in which an areola is tattooed onto the reconstructed breast to best match the opposite breast.

The reconstructed breast will have a normal appearance and often youthful shape. Dr. Sheila Bond will often perform surgery to reduce, enlarge or lift the opposite breast to make the breasts symmetric. The overall health of the patient is taken into consideration at all times.

Our goal is not only to create a new breast, but to restore the woman’s self image and quality of life.

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