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Is your skin suffering from the “blahs”? Do you need to improve the texture of your facial skin and remove blemishes, fine wrinkles and uneven skin pigmentation? Then a chemical peel may be the solution for you.

Chemical peels use a solution of natural acids (AHA, TCA and phenol) to improve and smooth the skin texture by removing the damaged outer layers. They are helpful in removing dark spots of hyperpigmentation, fine lines and skin damage from old blemishes. The precise formula of the peel acid balance is adjusted according to each patient’s needs.

Alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) are the mildest peel formulas. They produce a light peel for smoother, brighter looking skin. AHA peels are usually performed as a series of peels in ascending strengths at monthly intervals. A regimen of AHA products including facial cleansers and moisturizers is usually prescribed in conjunction to the peels to protect and improve the skin’s texture.

Trichlorocetic Acid (TCA) is used for medium depth peeling. It can remove fine surface wrinkles, superficial blemishes and pigment problems. A TCA peel will cause a reddening of the skin, not unlike a sunburn, but the eventual results will be aesthetically dramatic.

Chemical peels are often advertised in beauty salons and spas, but their efficacy is doubtful since the concentration of active ingredients in the peel solutions is much weaker than in a doctor’s office. Due to the complexity of mixing acids to suit all of the unique and varied skin types, chemical peels are best performed in the office of a competent plastic surgeon.

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