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Q. I’m 85 pounds overweight. My doctor suggested bariatric surgery. Can’t I just get the fat liposuctioned out?

A. Liposuction is not a method of weight loss. It will make you look better and more shapely, but health-wise, it will not remove the fat that has accumulated around your inner organs and heart.

Q. My friend just got Lipo of the Abdomen. She got on the scale the next day and weighed 2 pounds more than before the surgery. What happened?

A. Any surgery will cause the body to swell, especially in an area as large as the abdomen. The fat removed will be replaced by fluid which is heavier than fat. It’s a mistake to get on a scale right after surgery; you’ll definitely get a false read.

Q. When will I see results from Liposuction?

A. You will be wearing a compression garment for the first week after your surgery. At your first post-op visit, you will definitely see a difference in your shape, even though you are still swollen. You will continue to see improvement over time with maximum —- after about 6 months.

Q. What’s a compression garment? Why do I have to wear one after Liposuction?

A. A compression garment is a girdle-like garment that will compress the area that has been Liposuctioned to keep down the swelling and help the skin heal back smoothly to the muscle.

Q. What parts of the body can Liposuction?

A. Arms, legs (thighs and calves), belly, waist, flanks, back, bra rolls, muffin tops, love handles, even neck and chin can benefit from Loiposuction.

Q. I have a “pouch” from having a baby. Can I liposuction my “pouch”?

A. It depends. If the skin on your pouch is stretched and wrinkly, it will look even more wrinkled after Liposuction. You may need a Tummy Tuck to correct the problem.

Q. What’s the difference between SmartLipo and regular Liposuction?

A. Traditional Liposuction (PAL) is done with a cannula, a slim stainless steel tube inserted into a small ½ inch opening in the skin. Saline fluid is injected into the area to pump up the fat and make it easier to remove. The fat is then sucked out by vacuum pressure from the desired area to create a smaller, smoother contour. It is usually done in the hospital under general anesthesia. Traditional Liposuction works well on large areas of fat like an abdomen or back.
SmartLipo is done in our office with a local anesthetic. The diameter of the SmartLipo fiber is the size of the tip of a ballpoint pen. It is inserted into a cannula and rather than suck out the fat as in traditional Liposuction, the laser melts the fat cells which will gradually leave the body. Dr. Bond takes an extra step using a Lipojet to remove the melted fat cells and speed healing. Most patients have their procedure on Friday and return to work on Monday. SmartLipo works best on smaller areas of disproportionate fat like a chin, saddlebags, love handles. Other areas are possible if they are not overly.

Q. Will Liposuction tighten loose skin?

A. It depends upon you skin resiliency and the amount of fat that is being removed. If a large amount of fat is removed from an area, the skin may look a bit wrinkled. The laser heat in SmartLipo has a tightening effect, so Dr. Bond recommends it for areas where the skin may need some help in healing smoothly.

Q. Can I do Liposuction with a Brazilian Butt Lift?

A. The Brazilian Butt Lift includes Liposuction of the abdomen, waist and lower back to harvest fat and re-shape your waist and lower back and to create a beautiful new line down to your new butt. You can also add other areas of Liposuction if you wish.

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