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Do you love the look of leggings and skinny jeans, but not the way your thighs look in them? Do you see the beginnings of “granny sag” on the insides of your thighs? The thighs tend to be an area of the body that is often overlooked but one that can greatly benefit from Plastic Surgery. Dr. Shelia Bond in Montclair, New Jersey can correct unattractive thighs with a thigh lift.

The thighs can be affected by both excess and sagging skin and an over-accumulation of fatty deposits. The inner medial) thighs are an area of the body that is particularly prone to fat build-up and deterioration in skin quality. During the aging process, the skin loses elasticity, retaining ligaments stretch and gravity takes its toll. Thigh skin is especially prone to these changes as it is naturally thinner than skin found elsewhere in the body.

Weight gain also plays a part in this process as the added skin tension further stretches and thins the skin. The problem can become quite noticeable with significant weight loss. Dr. Sheila Bond can offer a real opportunity to correct these issues and achieve a firmer, more youthful look. A thigh lift, (also known as thighplasty) with liposuction may be just the answer.

Patients who are bothered by excess skin and fat in the inner thighs should schedule a consultation meeting with Dr. Sheila Bond to consider a thigh lifts as the first step in eliminating these problems. Dr. Sheila Bond is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Montclair, New Jersey. She will conduct a thorough evaluation of your needs.

The Surgery

A thigh lift is performed under general anesthesia in a hospital setting to insure your comfort and safety. The excess skin from the inner thighs is removed by placing incisions in the natural groin creases to camouflage the scars. The inner thighs will be liposuctioned to remove excess fat and create a slimmer look. This procedure can also be performed on the outer thigh area, if needed.


Patients are asked to avoid bending, squatting and sitting directly on the incisions for about two weeks, and to avoid strenous exercise, lifting and heavy physical activity for up to two months after the procedure.

Like most Plastic Surgery, a Thigh Lift is generally considered to be a safe procedure, but there are risks, as in any surgery. Dr. Sheila Bond will review these risks with you during your preoperative meeting. The extensive experience and training of a Board Certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Sheila Bond, can help to make your outcome a successful one.

After the surgery, with your firmer and tighter thighs, you will feel more comfortable wearing various types of clothing including bathing suits and shorts, enhancing your self-image and self-assurance.

To best understand all of your options, a complete personalized consultation with Dr. Sheila Bond is recommended. For further details on thigh lifts, we invite you to call (973) 509-0007 to set up a personalized consultation today.

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