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Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and marveled at how good your face looks when you hold your fingers at your temples and pull up? Well, that’s the effect that a ThreadLift will have: tiny threads that pull up your sagging skin from underneath and lock them into place. If you’re not ready for a full-face lift, but are bothered by aging in one or more areas of your face, you may need a ThreadLift, a one-hour minimally invasive mini-lift procedure that can be done in our office under a local anesthetic.

The ThreadLift (or FeatherLift) can be performed in the neck, cheek and jowl and brow areas, either individually or in combination depending on a patient’s needs. It works by the insertion of tiny threads under the skin to lift up the drooping areas. The threads are knotted invisibly under the skin and again under the hairline leaving no scars with minimal bruising or swelling. The threads stay where they are inserted and like all internal sutures, are well tolerated by the body. Most patients can return to normal activities with makeup the next day.

The procedure is performed in our office with a local anesthetic. Patients show immediate lift effects of the brow, cheeks and neck lasting three to five years. The threads can be adjusted or repeated if needed and fillers can be used in the same or adjacent areas with no negative interactions.

ThreadLift type procedures have been performed for many years in Europe, but the technique was perfected in Canada by Dr. Stephen Mulholland, who personally trained Dr. Sheila Bond in this procedure.

If you think that the ThreadLift may be a solution to your sagging skin, call our office to make an appointment to discuss this procedure with Dr. Sheila Bond who will be able to tell you if you are a candidate for this simple, effective procedure. (973) 509-0007.

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